Jillian Keenan


vAIdar a platform powered by AI to make learning more accessible.


I took part in the AINI datathon Northern Ireland's largest Hackathon, with over 250 attendees in two days and in two different locations. I had such an amazing time with our team and to our own disbelief we ended up placing first with our idea vAIdar.

The Problem?

Dialects and lecturing styles differ across the UK, making it difficult for students to fully understand and engage in lectures.

We looked at the advice offered by different organisations on how to help increase the accessibility of resources offered for students who have disabilities or are non-native English speakers.

“Student with mild deafness may experience difficulties when following speech, especially if there is background noise.”

Sheffield University

“Encourage struggling non-English speaking students to record your lectures and to use resources that you have handed out or that are online.”

George Fox University

When teaching to a student in need of an accessible learning environment. Be clear in communication, both written and verbal.

National Autistic Society

The Solution

We developed a platform to help students with accessibility needs to get the information that they need from educational content like videos and lectures.


Using an ML algorithm to transcribe speech to text and detect anomalies within the video. We used Azure transcribe and translation service.

Web Interface

A platform where university lecturers and students can access the solution online. The UI was written using React and Styled Components.

Jillian Keenan
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